Monday, September 29, 2014

Finding 50 and Fabulous....Lesser known French Beauty Secrets....

So we all know about eating foods high in anti oxidants and limiting wine and caffeine, but as a regular visitor to France, here are some things I've learned on the ground. The things that real people do to enhance their enjoyment of life. Because a joie` de vivre is far more important than just looking young!

(My own photograph)
  This is a photograph I took of the staircase in an apartment building where a friend had generously lent us her apartment on the Left Bank for our stay, as she had fled Paris for the Summer to retreat to her country Chateau. As one does. When at home, she, and we, walked up and down these stairs several times a day. That's a lot of stairs, people. And that's in addition to just walking to the Monoprix for groceries, and the other usual stuff that one does in Paris. Walk, instead of driving. Soak up your neighbourhood. Enjoy, breathe.

(My own photograph Hotel de Ville Bordeaux)
Furnish your home beautifully and spend money on things that will last a lifetime, not a season. And make sure that the furnishings and colours of your home frame YOU as the inhabitant. Choose colours that are flattering to YOU, and use soft lighting to enhance the display of precious items, and to make everyone who enters your home, look their most beautiful. People won't know why they love coming to you, but they will adore how they look when they're with you! In that vein, can I add....mirrors, candles, chandeliers, lamps...lots of them!
(My own photograph)
Fresh flowers and greenery are good for the soul. This is a display outside a convenience store and florist in the tiniest little town in South Western France. The floristry side of the business far outstripped the priority given to more mundane goods like butter and milk. Always have fresh flowers and greenery in the house. Be it as cut foliage and blooms, or as pot plants. I always have a mixture of both.
(My own photograph)
Eat the best quality you can afford, in moderate amounts, and present it elegantly, at a table presented equally beautifully. None of this eating on laps thankyou.
And just in case you need reminding, here is a list of the good things to eat. But really, the French people I know don't worry about it too much. They eat what they like, when they like, but always, always moderate portions.
And some more obvious secrets? Well here they are....but I do prefer my list ;-)
Use Argan oil
Use a clay mask weekly
Rinse hair with lemon juice or red wine vinegar (once or twice a month)
Wear lighter makeup
Laugh and walk more
Get a magic haircut
Drink more water

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  1. Thanks for the helpful tips. Yes eating healthy, walking and making your house pretty and a nice way to live! Have a nice day and week Mimi!

  2. Hi Mimi! What a beautiful blog! Your advice is so true! I enjoyed reading this post and have been reminded to enjoy the beautiful, fragile life I've been blessed with! Thank you for sharing! Blessings from Bama!

  3. I agree with your statements! Thanks for sharing them with us at Make It Monday!

  4. One of my best friends was born in France and all her family was from there. She would definitely agree with this list! Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!



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